Reconnect with Nature

I love to be in nature. I love to walk barefoot (sure sonetimes I need shoes too). I enjoy this especially on a stressful day or any situations they sucked my whole energy. I need to ground myself, reconnect to the mother earth, the place and energy we come from. If this connection gets lost, you get sick, really! Shoes are good to protect you from coldness or to protect the skin, but it also prevents the connection to nature and your mother earth with all it‘s healing energy! It numbs you in a way so to say, to keep you busy in a society without a ‚nature‘, without your primordial roots – the roots of your inner self. Just think about what’s really important for you. Grounding is a big topic. I talked about science on my last post, there are studies where it‘s proofed that this is good for your body and soul – but as I said – I feel it, anyway thanks for proofing, haha.


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